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Customers can register their Sync My Ride account by going to the Ford Motor Company website, choosing the Manage option for Sync My Ride, and clicking on Log In or Register. The customer is asked if his car is a Lincoln or a Ford, and the registration page opens.


To sync your iPod to your iTunes account on your computer, connect the iPod to your computer. Use iTunes to sync the music, videos, applications and photos that are associated with your iTunes account with your iPod.


TechTerms defines "sync," which is the shortened form of synchronize, as the act of updating files between devices so that these have the most recent version. Syncing an iPhone may require using the iTunes app, the iCloud Drive app, a USB cable or a network connection.


An iPod can be synced to a computer using Apple iTunes. Open iTunes on the computer, then connect the iPod to the computer using a USB cable. iTunes automatically recognizes the device and syncs it.


Vertical sync, or vertical synchronization, refers to a setting on a PC graphics card that limits the card from outputting more frames per second than the display monitor's refresh rate will allow. This is done in order to reduce distorting effects caused by a frame-rat...


To sync an iPhone to your computer, connect the iPhone to your computer via the USB cable that came with the iPhone, and select your iPhone from the iTunes source list. Type a name into the text box next to Name, tick the two check boxes, and then click Done.


An iPod can be synced with more than one computer by unchecking all items in the media category, along with 'open iTunes when this device is connected,' before performing the first sync on the first computer, followed by connecting to the second computer and syncing aga...