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Skin cancer symptoms include moles that change in size, color or texture; flat lesions with a crusted surface; and a pearly, waxy bump. There are several different types of skin cancer, and each presents with a slightly different set of symptoms, as stated by Mayo Clinic.


Symptoms of skin cancer on the face vary depending on the cancer type but may include a firm, red nodule on the face, a flat lesion with a crusted surface, a brown or skin-colored scar-like lesion or a waxy bump. Other symptoms include a large brown spot with dark speckles or a small lesion of varyi


The usual signs and symptoms of cancer include significant weight loss, fever, fatigue and pain, states the American Cancer Society. Cancer's signs and symptoms depend on its location and size and the extent of its effect on the body's organs and tissues.


Visual symptoms of skin cancer include a raised, smooth and pearly looking bump on the skin, which usually appears on sun-exposed parts of the skin, such as the head, neck or shoulders, explains WebMD. Other visual symptoms include a well-defined, red, scaling, thickened bump on the skin.


Some symptoms of skin cancer in early stages are a sore that does not heal and the spread of pigment from the border of a spot, states American Cancer Society. Redness or new swelling outside of the border of a spot is also a potential sign of skin cancer.


Mayo Clinic cites ultraviolet light from both the sun and tanning beds as the most common cause of skin cancer. Other potential causes that do not involve sunlight are fair skin, excessive moles, living at a high altitude and a family history of skin cancer. The disease can also be caused by exposur


Symptoms of skin cancer on the lower eyelid are a bump that bleeds or does not disappear, inflammation that does not heal after medication, and a loss of eyelashes without explanation. The lower eyelid receives the highest amount of sun exposure on the eye, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation.


The main treatment for skin cancer is surgery, according to Cancer Research UK. If surgery is not an option, then radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and photodynamic therapy are supplemental and alternative treatments. Surgery usually successfully removes basal cell and squamous cell skin can


Seizures, headaches, weakness and clumsiness are among the more common symptoms of brain cancer, according to WebMD. Weakness and clumsiness may make walking or other activities more difficult. Other generalized symptoms include vision changes, nausea and vomiting, difficulty with speech and cogniti


Breast cancer symptoms include changes in the feel and appearance of the breasts or nipples and clear or bloody discharge, according to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. While abnormalities should be immediately examined by a healthcare professional, signs and symptoms do not necessarily indica