According to the American Cancer Society, "chemo brain" refers to a mental fog that cancer patients experience before, during and after chemotherapy treatment. The duration of chemo brain is different for each patient. More »

To manage chemotherapy side effects, change your eating habits, seek alternative therapies, exercise regularly and avoid harsh hair products, recommends WebMD. Living a healthy lifestyle is important, as is managing sun ... More »

The cause of elevated magnesium symptoms in chemo patients is due to the change in potassium in the cells and the destruction of the cells, which force both magnesium and potassium out of the cell and into the blood, rep... More »

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A port for the administration of chemotherapy is placed in the chest wall about an inch below the center of the collar bone, according to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. The port placement procedure is a brie... More »

Placing a catheter for administering chemotherapy requires local anesthetic and insertion under the skin, explains the American Society of Clinical Oncology. After a short recovery period from this procedure, the cathete... More »

To treat constipation caused by chemotherapy, the American Cancer Society recommends drinking more fluids, eating high-fiber foods and exercising. If these actions fail to work, a doctor may prescribe a laxative or stool... More »

To treat mouth sores caused by chemotherapy, doctors may recommend coating medications, topical pain killers or a numbing mouthwash solution. To decrease pain associated with eating if painful mouth sores are present, th... More »