The characters in the short story "The Ambitious Guest" are a father, a mother named Esther, an eldest daughter who is 17 years old, various younger brothers and sisters, an elderly grandmother and a young man who is des... More »

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The main elements of literature are the theme, setting, plot, narrator and characters in a story. Some other elements of literature include the connotation or implied meaning, symbolism and imagery. More » Education Writing Literary Writing

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A daughter tattoo can be an actual image of the daughter inked onto a mother or father's body. Mothers also sometimes get an abstract image of a mother embracing a child as a tattoo tribute to their daughters. More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos

According to Polonius, several contributing factors appear to have pushed Hamlet over the edge, including his father's recent death, his mother's swift remarriage to the possible culprit and his love for Polonius' daught... More »