National Discount Pool Supplies and Discount Pool Liners sell discounted liners for swimming pools. Other sources include Discount Pools Direct, Doheny's Pool Supplies and Liner World. More » Home & Garden Outdoor Pools & Hot Tubs

To repair a hole in a vinyl swimming pool liner, purchase a patch kit, cut a patch to size, apply the adhesive, cover the damaged area, and allow the patch to dry. Swimming pool vinyl repair kits can be found at most hom... More »

A pool liner can be cleaned with either a bleach and water solution or by using baking soda. Maintaining the correct water chemistry is also essential to preventing stains. More »

Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies, Hayward and are among retailers where Hayward pool filter parts can be purchased as of 2015. The available inventory and prices vary by retailer. More » Home & Garden Outdoor Pools & Hot Tubs

Algaecide is an effective tool in preventing and treating the yellow, green and black algae in swimming pools. However, excess amounts of the chemical are harmful and must be addressed. More »

The worms found in swimming pools are called horsehair or Gordian worms. They grow up to 14 inches long and look like long strands of horsehair. Their appearance and their constant movement as they slowly twist themselve... More »

When shopping for swimming pool accessories, buyers must consider the environments of their pools and the people who use them. For example, if an owner of the swimming pool is looking to buy a pool cover to keep the wate... More » Home & Garden Outdoor Pools & Hot Tubs