Design a free-form swimming pool by choosing the shape, material, enhancements and landscaping. Free-form pools are not bound by typical pool design patterns, and you can integrate their design with the aspects of any sp... More » Home & Garden Outdoor Pools & Hot Tubs

Some example designs for home swimming pools include a meandering, free-form pool edged with concrete pavers. This pool is large enough to hold an island that features a hot tub, seating area and built-in planters. More » Home & Garden Outdoor Pools & Hot Tubs

Myrtha Pools, Luxe Pools, Kafko Pool Products, Saftron Manufacturing and S.R. Smith all manufacture swimming pool handrails. Pool handrails offer support and safety and are suitable for use with in-ground pools and above... More »

The process to remove a swimming pool has several steps, including draining, punching holes in the bottom of the pool and then removing all of the material and backfilling it. The holes in the bottom may not be used in a... More »

There is no average size of private swimming pools as owners can have them built to their specifications. Olympic swimming pools are required to be 64 feet long. More »

One of the best ways to buy water for a swimming pool is locating a bulk water delivery service. These companies deliver the water and pour it into the swimming pool. Some of them also provide chemical testing and other ... More » Home & Garden Outdoor Pools & Hot Tubs

The worms found in swimming pools are called horsehair or Gordian worms. They grow up to 14 inches long and look like long strands of horsehair. Their appearance and their constant movement as they slowly twist themselve... More »