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Sweet oil is used to remove excess wax from the ears. The oil is also a softening agent and can be used to moisturize the skin during the winter months.


Sweet potatoes contain large amounts of fiber and potassium. They also provide high nutritional values of vitamin C, as well as 400 percent of a person's daily requirement of vitamin A, according to Medical News Today.


Concentrated sweets are high-sugar foods, such as soda, syrup, jam, candies, corn syrup, honey, molasses, jellies and cookies. Any food that contains simple sugars is also considered a concentrated sweet. These foods are digested quickly, and glucose is released into th...


Sweet onions are a kind of onion with a less astringent taste. They are commonly eaten raw, such as in salads or sandwiches. Some popular varieties are walla walla and Vidalia.


Types of sweet wines include vermouth, ice wine, port, dessert wines, Merlot and white zinfandel. Brachetto and lambrusco are both slightly sweet Italian wines that are often served with Italian entrées.


Sweet tea, and other similar beverages, contain large amounts of sugar, the consumption of which usually leads to health issues over time. Excessive sugar consumption increases chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and Alzheimer's disease.


Sweets Kendamas is a store based in the United States that sells kendamas, a traditional Japanese toy that is a form of cup-and-ball game. The store, based in Bloomington, Minnesota, takes its name from the personal nickname of founder and owner Matt Jorgenson.