An acclaimed good sweet Champagne is Ballatore Gran Spumante. Another sweet Champagne to try is Martini & Rossi's Asti Sumanti. Both are made from Muscat white grapes grown around the Italian town of Asti. More »

Some good, reasonably-priced champagnes include Charles Heidsieck Brut Réserve, Nicolas Feuillatte X'Ploration Brut Réserve, Henri Abelé Soirée Parisienne Brutand and Champagne Duval-Leroy Brut Premier Cru. They retail f... More » Food Beverages Liquor & Cocktails

The semifreddo bellini, the pomegranate royale and ruby champagne cocktails are some good champagne drinks to serve at brunch. Martha Stewart's semifreddo bellini is a blended slushy with fresh fruit and a sweet peach fl... More » Food Beverages Liquor & Cocktails

According to Champagne Direct, a magnum of champagne, which is equivalent to two standard bottles, contains 12 glasses. It holds 150 centiliters of the sparkling wine. Because magnums are so large, they are poured by pla... More »

When stored in a refrigerator, an open bottle of champagne can last between 3 to 5 days if it is re-corked or covered properly. If one does not have the cork or a stopper to close the bottle, then a piece of plastic wrap... More »

As of 2014, André California champagne, which is available in seven flavors, contains between 6.5 and 10.5 percent alcohol by volume. Its classic varieties of brut, extra dry and blush have a higher percentage of alcohol... More »

The difference in the various classifications of champagne is their sugar content. Champagne classified as brut has a maximum sugar content of 1.5 percent. Extra dry Champagne can have up to 2 percent sugar content. More »