The CBS TV series "Survivor" premiered on May 31, 2000. Jeff Probst is the host and executive producer. As of April 2015, it is in its 30th season, and 449 episodes have aired. More » Art & Literature

Reality TV shows are shows that use everyday people instead of actors in unscripted scenarios, often in real-world situations. Reality shows tend to focus on drama and tension between cast members, unlike documentaries, ... More » Art & Literature

Reality Steve does not have spoilers for all reality TV shows. Reality Steve typically covers "The Bachelor" and its spinoff shows, "The Amazing Race," "Big Brother," "Jersey Shore," "Keeping up with the Kardashians," "K... More » Art & Literature

Air dates and times for "The Good Wife," a CBS TV series, are available on,,, or in the local newspaper TV listings, where available. These websites let viewers search for a particular... More » Art & Literature

"Mountain Men" premiered on the History Channel on May 31, 2012. As of September 2015, "Mountain Men" is in its fourth season and airs on Thursday evenings. More » Art & Literature

The TNT show "Dallas" was a continuation of the popular 1980s series about a family of oil tycoons, with the central drama revolving around the rivalry between J.R. Ewing and his brother, Bobby. The main characters in th... More » Art & Literature

Sid Roth hosted the Daystar Television Network series "Sid Roth's It's Supernatural." The show was based on religious principles in the Christian faith, especially the idea of miracles. More » Art & Literature