Survival bunkers are shelters buried underground that are designed to be able to withstand catastrophic events. Most bunkers are buried at least 20 feet deep and provide air filtration systems. Survival bunkers can be ho... More »

To survive, an organism needs a habitat that features somewhere to attract mates and find resources, has food, and protects it from the weather and extreme temperatures. The specifics of what an organism needs to survive... More »

As of 2015 the survival rate of a lung transplant after a year is over 80 percent and 50 percent for five years, but these rates vary by individual hospital. Because of this variance it is important to research hospitals... More »

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Underground bunkers can be purchased online from multiple websites, such as, and It is also possible to purchase a home with an underground bunker already ... More »

Some tips for repairing underground sprinkler systems include digging along the buried lines to replace sections of pipe and cleaning or replacing sprinkler heads. Homeowners can study their systems' symptoms to determin... More »

Find floor plans for underground survival shelters on, and These sites deal in a variety of bunker designs and plans that visitors can view, download or buy. More »

Raven Rock Mountain Complex, Cheyenne Mountain and the Greenbrier Bunker are underground bunkers in the United States. The Raven Rock Mountain Complex is located on the Pennsylvania-Maryland border. President Harry S. Tr... More »