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Temperature Regulation.To maintain a constant temperature, the body must be able to respond to changes in the temperature of its surroundings. When the outside temperature drops, nerve endings near the skin surface sense the change and communicate it to the hypothalamus.


Sea surface temperature (SST) is the water temperature close to the ocean's surface. The exact meaning of surface varies according to the measurement method used, but it is between 1 millimetre (0.04 in) and 20 metres (70 ft) below the sea surface.


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surface temperature The temperature of the radiating layers of a star at which its continuous spectrum is produced. The star is assumed to be a perfect radiator, i.e. a black body, and its temperature is usually expressed as its effective temperature or its color temperature.Surface temperature is very much lower than the temperature at the center of a star.


Most plants require a leaf surface temperature of 15 to 30 degrees Celsius (59 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit) to successfully photosynthesis. However, pine and arctic plants have cooler temperature requirements and desert plants need warmer conditions to photosynthesis. CO2 availability also determines a plant’s leaf surface temperature.


Temperature determines the statistical occupation of the microstates of the ensemble. The microscopic definition of temperature is only meaningful in the thermodynamic limit, meaning for large ensembles of states or particles, to fulfill the requirements of the statistical model.


The highest average annual surface temperatures are in the inland regions of the subtropical deserts, whereas the lowest are found in inland of Antarctica, Greenland, and Russia. Extremes of annual temperature in the tropics are presented in a focus sectionfocus section at the end of the chapter." Previous Next ...


Sea Surface Temperature (SST) is a measure of the energy due to the motion of molecules at the top layer of the ocean. Depending on the sensor, spaceborne measurements give us an unprecedented global measurement of sea surface temperatures every few days to a week.


The Merged Land and Ocean Surface Temperature data are presented as anomalies (departures from a long-term average) on a five-degree by five-degree global grid. The period of record is January 1880 through the most recent month.