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However, because I still have messing control (mostly) the suppository punishment that I have had has probably been even more effective on me than it would have been before I was in diapers full time. Most people can just go to the toilet and mess.


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A suppository is another way to deliver a drug. It's a small, round or cone-shaped object that you put in your body, often into your bottom. ... WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or ...


My First Time: Suppository It’s kind of embarrassing for me to write about this, but I figured it was relevant because I had posted about my first enema and I also like the idea of suppositories as punishment. I haven’t told my husband that I think they would make a good punishment, I figured we would work our way up to that.


How to Use Rectal Suppositories Properly. 1 Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. 2 If the suppository is soft, hold it under cool water or place it in a refrigerator for a few minutes to harden it before removing the wrapper. 3 Remove the wrapper, if present.


Subject: Punishment Suppository Has anyone else tried punishment suppositories? I have found that taking a glycerin suppository and rubbing it in curry powder makes a powerful punishment statement.