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In physics, a shock wave ... The sonic boom associated with the passage of a supersonic aircraft is a type of sound wave produced by constructive interference. Unlike solitons (another kind of nonlinear wave), the energy and speed of a shock wave alone dissipates relatively quickly with distance.


In water at room temperature supersonic speed can be considered as any speed greater than 1,440 m/s (4,724 ft/s). In solids, sound waves can be polarized longitudinally or transversely and have even higher velocities. Supersonic fracture is crack motion faster than the speed of sound in a brittle material.


Supersonic Waves is an involuntary attack used only rarely, and only when Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon had no other way to protect themselves.. In order to perform this attack, they panicked and started crying. This causes that their odango covers would amplify their wailing until it became physically painful for enemies.


The shock wave from a supersonic object is a cone composed of overlapping spherical wavefronts. As any one of these wavefronts forms, it propagates radially outward at speed c and acquires a radius ct. At the same time the source, traveling at speed v moves forward vt.


A super sonic boom is a lound white noise with a fast attack (sound intensity raise to max amplitude right away). It is created by something that moves faster than sound like a whip, a shotgun, lightning. The wave will still travel at the speed of sound but the cone shape of propagation is more elongated the faster the super sonic object travel.


The problem with these early models was that the supersonic waves moved so rapidly that the stellar material couldn't expand before it burned.


1919, "of or having to do with sound waves beyond the limit of human hearing," from super-+ sonic. Attested from 1934 in sense of "exceeding the speed of sound" (especially as a measure of aircraft speed), leaving the original sense to ultrasonic (1923).


Supersonic Waves is an attack. When Sailor Moon starts to cry her red hair pieces amplify the sound until it is too painful for enemies to stand. Supersonic Waves is an attack. When Sailor Moon starts to cry her red hair pieces amplify the sound until it is too painful for enemies to stand.


The earlier answer given to this question was pointing to the false fact that Term ‘Supersonic’ and ‘Ultrasonic’ are synonyms but ‘Ultrasonic’ is a reference to the frequency of sound waves beyond (above) the human hearing range. Typically that's used when describing a medical imaging device.