Super Bowl parties typically have activities, decor and food that focus on football and other aspects of the Super Bowl, including the commercials broadcast during the game, according to Celebrations. Activities can incl... More »

Some of the most popular food choices for Super Bowl parties are barbecued ribs, chicken wings, chili, dips and hot dogs. Nachos, tacos and fajitas are also popular options. Other possible choices include burgers, mozzar... More » Food Cooking

Some Super Bowl party ideas include serving snacks on trays rather than a full meal so guests do not have to take their attention away from the game. As of 2015, miniature versions of full-size foods such as pizza on cra... More »

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A typical Super Bowl Party in Las Vegas involves watching the game on big screens in bars and entertainment clubs while enjoying beer and junk food. Most hotels offer casino facilities where revelers gamble on their favo... More »

NFL fans can see their favorite Super Bowl commercials from the past online by visiting links from ABC News, USA Today and Huffington Post. ABC and USA Today include lists of the 10 best of all time, while Huffington Pos... More »

The Super Bowl that took place during the 2014 calendar year was Super Bowl XLVIII, which occurred on February 2, 2014, while the Super Bowl that took place for the 2014 National Football League season, Super Bowl XLIX, ... More »

The Super Bowl is called a bowl game because of a long tradition of calling postseason college football games bowl games, beginning with the Rose Bowl. Some sources credit former Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt with ... More »