Vegetable trays are the most popular Super Bowl party food, states NPD Group, an independent market research firm. Other popular foods include potato chips, carbonated soft drinks, salty snacks and sandwiches. Salads, pi... More » Food Food Facts

Some of the most popular food choices for Super Bowl parties are barbecued ribs, chicken wings, chili, dips and hot dogs. Nachos, tacos and fajitas are also popular options. Other possible choices include burgers, mozzar... More » Food Cooking

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The recipe for Charleston cheese dip by Trisha Yearwood from Food Network is an easy Super Bowl party recipe. A straightforward recipe for chili from MyRecipes is also suitable for a Super Bowl party. More » Food Cooking

Real Simple features a recipe for bacon-wrapped potatoes with creamy dill sauce and a recipe for guacamole and chips, both of which make easy Super Bowl party dishes. Both recipes make eight servings. More » Food Cooking

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