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Easy to use, just peel and press like using a band-aide · Clean no mess and no hassel, Pre-perforated · Secure hold lasts a lifetime · Formerly made by Kodak,&...


Super 8 Standard 8mm 16mm Cine Film Splicer Editor Boxed ... NOS Kalart editior, new in box, never used, 3 reels, glue bottle, splicing tape Free Shipping.


70mm - 35mm - 16mm - Super 8mm - Regular 8mm Film Supplies, Film Equipment, Film Reels and More! Search.


Film Splicing Tape Super 8 (9mm x 10m). Product no.: 1050. 2 Film Splicing Tape Super 8 (9mm x 10m) · 19.90 € *. incl. VAT (DE), excl. shipping costs.


Super 8 Splicing Tape, Splicing Patches, Cinekett, Würker Duoplay, Fuji Splicing Tape, Film Editing Tape, CIR Catozzo ...


... Super 8 film leader, 16mm film leader, 35mm film leader, 65mm film leader, 70mm film leader, 8mm film leader, 16mm splicing tape, 35mm splicing tape, ...


MOVIE REELS & CAN, SUPER-8 REEL ADAPTERS. SPLICERS, SPLICING TAPE, REWINDS, FILM REPAIR. Click The Links Above Or Scroll down this page to see all supplies.


JACRO™ SUPERTRANS Roll 5/8" 16mm Clear Dry Adhesive Splicing Tape (15m or 50 ... AGFATM F8 S Super-8mm & Single-8mm Automatic Dry-Tape Movie Film Splicer.


Splicing tape for Single-8 & Super 8 film. Fuji Single-8 film is polyester-based. This splicing tape is the only way to splice the film.


These splicing tape tabs are used to edit the super 8 film. By splicing film together you can run it through a video transfer box so you can digitalise your ...


Make sure this fits by entering your model number. · Super 8 film splicing tapes are clear with perforation Ideal to repair torn film sprockets without losing ...