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New Certificate fee of $90.00 Renewal fee of $45.00. ➢ Local Business Tax Receipt Application ... www.sunbiz.org. ➢ Copy of Fictitious Name Registration.


If your legal name and your business name are the same, you do not need to register with SunBiz. NOTE: *If you want to use a fictitious name, you still need ...


File for articles of Incorporation or fictitious name registration if the ... under a name that is not a corporation or person's legal name at Sunbiz.org.


Business Tax Resources. Fictitious names. If you are advertising or doing business under any name other than your own personal name or your Florida Corporate ...


How long is a Local Business Tax Receipt valid and how do I renew it? ... of Incorporation or Fictitious name (for more information visit www.sunbiz.org) ...


If you want to know the cost to register or renew a company in Florida you are at ... but you should file a trading name or fictitious name registration).


Jul 24, 2018 ... However, you may renew your Business Tax Receipt or drop your application ... as a fictitious name with Florida Division of Corporations.


Apr 30, 2020 ... ... of the business and fictitious name(s) (on-line access at www.sunbiz.org). Supplemental Location: Completed license renewal application ...


No state filing is required for sole proprietorships; however, if you choose to assume a fictitious name for your business, then you must register with the ...


Nov 15, 2019 ... For example: If a fictitious name is registered on October 22, 2019, it will expire on December 31, 2024. Renewals may be filed between January ...


Register your fictitious name with the State of Florida (Sunbiz) and Publish your fictitious name legal notice with an ... Florida Fictitious Name Renewal.