A great way to find summer programs for children is by searching on, a website devoted to this type of information. Another good source is's parenting pages. More » Family Parenting

Some summer culinary programs include the International Culinary Center's summer cooking camp for teens in New York City and recreational summer cooking classes from the Institute of Culinary Education, also in New York ... More » Education Colleges & Universities

Your best options for free summer camps for your children are through local churches, charities, organizations and schools in your area, as well as online. More »

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Some goal-setting activities that are a great way to teach children important skills and boost their confidence include making charts and vision boards. Young kids feel satisfaction at achieving a goal just as adults do,... More » Family Parenting

Some ideas for ways that children and adolescents can make money are babysitting, car-washing, providing pet care services and starting a lawn-service business. These suggestions may not be suitable for children of all a... More » Family Parenting

Creating reward coupons for your children is a great way to reinforce positive behavior you want them to repeat. Think of coupon ideas ahead of time so you can have them available to hand out whenever you catch your chil... More » Family Parenting

Being consistent, demonstrating the desired behavior and having patience help teach children manners. Children may be taught standard social behavior through at-home practice or in a social etiquette class. The most comm... More » Family Parenting