Examples of jobs for 14-year-olds include retail workers, newspaper carriers, tutors, yard workers, food service workers, agricultural workers and summer camp counselors. In most states, teens must be at least 14 years o... More » Business & Finance Careers Job Search

Good options for summer jobs for 14-year-olds include babysitting, mowing lawns, house sitting, washing cars, tutoring or online freelancing, according to MyFirstPaycheck. These are all independent jobs that can be carri... More » Business & Finance Careers Job Search

A 14-year-old teen can find shops hiring young people by conducting a search for local jobs, using a job-finder search engine. View store hiring policies on individual store websites. Another resource for finding good te... More » Business & Finance Careers Applying & Interviewing
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Fourteen-year-olds may work a variety of jobs, including some retail positions, food service jobs, intellectual and creative work, landscaping work and delivery jobs by foot or on a bicycle or public transportation. Ther... More » Family Teenagers

Kroger offers jobs to 14-year-old candidates who have valid work permits. Some positions at Kroger do require workers to be older, however. For example, a person must be at least 18 to work as a butcher or to have a job ... More » Business & Finance Careers Job Search

The range of jobs available to 10-year-olds is quite limited, but includes yard work, running a lemonade stand, walking dogs, pet or house sitting, delivering newspapers and washing cars. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FL... More » Business & Finance Careers Job Search

Employers in Florida that hire 15 year olds include chain restaurants such as McDonald's and Taco Bell, government jobs like life guarding or working the concession stand at a public pool. Other options include a lawn-mo... More » Business & Finance Careers Job Search