Iron(II) sulfite is an ionic compound that results from the combination of an iron (FE) (II) ion with a sulfite ion (SO3). The Fe(II) ion has a +2 charge, and the sulfite ion has a -2 charge. Since these charges balance,... More » Science Chemistry

Magnesium sulfite is an ionic compound composed of one positively charged magnesium ion and one negatively charged sulfite ion. The chemical formula of magnesium sulfite is MgSO3. More » Science Chemistry Solutions & Mixtures

The chemical formula for hydrogen sulfite is HSO3-. An ion of hydrogen sulfite is made up of one atom of hydrogen, represented by H, three atoms of oxygen, represented by O3 and one atom of sulfur, represented by S. The ... More » Science Chemistry Atoms & Molecules
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Iron(II) acetate, also called ferrous acetate, is an iron salt of acetic acid, with the formula Fe(CH3CO2)2. Its molecular formula can also be written as C4H6FeO4, and its molar mass is 173.93 grams per mole. More » Science Chemistry

Cobalt (II) hydrogen carbonate is an ionic compound described by the following chemical formula: Co(HCO3)2. Co2+ describes the cation of the compound; two HCO3- ions complete the compound by balancing its ionic charge. More » Science Chemistry

Sn(SO3)2 is the molecular formula for the chemical compound tin(IV) sulfite. The compound contains one atom of tin, represented by the symbol Sn; six atoms of oxygen, shown by the symbol O; and two atoms of sulfur, indic... More » Science Chemistry

Aluminum sulfite is a chemical compound represented by the molecular formula Al2(SO3)3. In this formula, Al stands for aluminum, S stands for sulfur and O stands for oxygen. More » Science Chemistry