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Some substitutions for ground mustard are mustard seeds, commercially prepared mustard, wasabi powder or horseradish powder. If a a person only has mustard seeds instead of ground mustard, then he can grind up some of the seeds and use this as a replacement.


Some substitutes for spicy brown mustard include horseradish, turmeric and chili peppers. Most mustard varieties are interchangeable in recipes, although this may alter the end result slightly.


The terms dry mustard, ground mustard, mustard flour, ground mustard seed and dry mustard powder all refer to the same thing. They refer to the ground seeds of any one of several species of mustard plant.


Yellow mustard can be used as a substitute for Dijon mustard. If yellow mustard is unavailable, Dijon mustard can be substituted with a combination of dried mustard, vinegar, cold water and sugar.


Other varieties of mustard are appropriate substitutes for Dijon mustard in most recipes, but they alter the flavor profile. Yellow mustard makes the finished product more tart, while spicy mustard makes it spicier. Another option is to make a homemade Dijon-style mustard with sugar, water, mayonnai


Mustard is made from mustard plant seeds. The seeds are ground up or cracked and mixed with liquids, such as water, wine, lemon juice or vinegar, and sometimes flavored with other spices.


Substitutes for ground ginger or powdered ginger include grated ginger root, candied or crystallized ginger, allspice, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and mace. Grated ginger root can be substituted for ground ginger, by using 2 tablespoons of grated ginger root for 1 teaspoon of ground ginger.


Mustard comes from the seeds of the mustard plant, either white, brown or black. The mustard seeds are mixed with lemon juice, salt, water and other liquids, seasonings and spices to make the condiment that ranges in color from bright yellow to dark brown.


Three common substitutes for cumin are chili powder, ground coriander or caraway seeds. Use half the amount called for by the recipe, stir it in, then taste and add more, if necessary. If both are available, try using chili powder mixed with ground caraway seeds.


Ground coriander, caraway seeds and chili powder are three good substitutes for ground cumin in recipes. To get the best results, start with only half as much spice as the recipe calls for, and keep adding more till the dish tastes right.