Fashion stylists select colors, fabrics and styles to dress people in many different ways. Fashion stylists prepare people for one-time events, such as weddings, high school proms and other occasions and work with people... More » Beauty & Fashion

Aspiring stylists usually start out as interns and assistants for professional stylists, or they work at fashion houses, fashion agencies, department stores and boutiques. While interning, aspiring stylists often build c... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

The top hair stylists in the world are Oribe, Harry Josh, Mark Townsend and Andy LeCompte according to The Richest as of 2015. These hair stylists usually require their clients to book an appointment before visiting thei... More » Beauty & Fashion Fashion Designers
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Some of the factors that influence fashion include the price of certain textiles, fabrics and materials, popular culture, subcultures and fashion stylists, according to The Wall Street Journal and Into The Fashion. Popul... More » Beauty & Fashion Fashion Designers

The steps for planning a fashion show are: putting together a crew, choosing a venue, getting the clothes, finding the models and sorting the order in which the clothes will be demonstrated. In addition, the plan must in... More » Beauty & Fashion

Famous Spanish fashion designers include Manolo Blahnik, Cristobal Balenciaga and Mariano Fortuny. Blahnik is a designer of women's shoes, while both Balenciaga and Fortuny designed women's clothing. More » Beauty & Fashion

The Danish national costume emerged around 1750, and served as the primary dress code for Danish citizens through 1900, with variations in clothing styles, colors and fabrics among regions. Danish national costumes outfi... More » World View Social Sciences Cultures & Traditions