Remove a stump by cutting it as close to the ground as possible using a chain saw, drilling a pattern of holes in the top and adding potassium nitrate. Fill the holes with water, and allow the chemical to work for severa... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

To remove a tree stump using chemicals, drill holes into the stump, and fill them with tree stump removal granules and water. The chemicals in these pellets speed up the rotting process. More »

Bromide Stump-Out and Spectracide are effective chemical stump removal products, according to Tordon RTU is an effective liquid alternative to these granular products. It is also popular among consumers ... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Trees & Bushes

Remove a tree stump cut close to the ground by drilling holes, filling them with potassium nitrate and boiling water, waiting a few months, then burning the stump. The process is slower than stump grinding and works best... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Trees & Bushes

According to, doing most of the work on the ground is highly recommended; thus, one can begin by drilling screw holes on the panels making sure that they are measured for pre-drilling accurately. Then, ... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

To convert a refrigerator or freezer into a smoker, remove all drawers and crispers, and drill holes in the sides and top of the unit. The shelves within a refrigerator can be configured in whatever manner best fits the ... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Build a three-hole washer game by building two identical boxes, cutting three holes in the top of each box and attaching the two boxes with a length of chain. Playing the game requires six 3-inch fender washers. Complete... More »