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Everyday Democracy supports organizing across the country by bringing diverse groups of people together, helping them structure and facilitate community dialogue on pressing issues, and training them to use a racial equity lens to understand longstanding problems and possible solutions.


Organizing a study circle -- or a community-wide program of study circles -- is a lot of work, but it's worth it for a number of reasons. People find study circles valuable because: The discussions begin with people talking about their own experiences.


A study circle is a small group of people who meet multiple times to discuss an issue. Study circles may be formed to discuss anything from politics to religion to hobbies.They are differentiated from clubs by their focus on exploring an issue or topic rather than on activities or socializing. When they emerged in the early twentieth century they were based on a democratic approach to self ...


Study circles focus on self-realization and social transformation by encouraging participants to blossom as individuals and to bring about change in society. Study circles bring people together to talk, to feel part of a community, and to practice acceptance of diversity, equality, democracy, and connectedness.


Study circles, being small, democratic and non-expert, can be adapted to virtually any use. Civic organizations, activists, businesses, unions, churches, discussion groups and governments can all sponsor (and have sponsored) study circles to educate and activate people about social issues.


KARNATAKA; Backward Classes Welfare Department; Designed and Developed By Centre for Good GovernanceCentre for Good Governance


The Study Circles Program provides the structures for effective dialogue and action so that schools, and the school district, can address practices and policies that limit their ability to close the racial achievement gap.


Holding a workshop on study circles Return to top of page. The study circle is an integral part of Sai Organization activities. Some devotees, especially new ones, may not know the goals of study circles and how they work.


What is a Study Circle? The study circle is a simple process for small-group deliberation. There are just a few defining characteristics: A study circle comprises 10-15 people who meet regularly ...


Study Circle is a method with future. It is consistent with the trend of lifelong learning, it develops cooperation skills of group members and other competence valued on the labour market. Study Circle promotes new democratic education system, supports the process of social integration and activation. Study Circle is a universal method.