At many colleges, students can access their student ID numbers by logging into their online accounts through their school's website. As of 2015, some colleges, such as University of South Dakota and University of Tenness... More »

Software titles for making student identification cards include Rediker Software's Pictures Plus, Entrust Datacard and Xpress Software's Advanced ID Creator, as of 2015. The primary goal of these programs is to help impr... More » Technology Software

The United States does not use national ID cards. Instead authorities use passports, passport cards and state-issued driver's licenses as legal identification documents. Organizations and companies may also accept studen... More » Vehicles DMV & Records
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An employee ID number is a unique string of numbers issued to each employee of a given business. Employee ID numbers are useful for distributing payroll because they give bursars an easy way to distinguish between employ... More »

Some colleges do admit students without a high school diploma or GED. Home-schooled, high school and non-traditional students without a diploma all have opportunities enter college programs. More » Education Colleges & Universities

College fairs offer high school students the opportunity to collect as much information as they can about many colleges all in one location. Universities and colleges send alumni or admission counselors to college fairs,... More » Education Colleges & Universities

College and university students can access student records online by logging on to the institution's portal with a valid student number and pin or password, according to Seattle Central College. The institution must prov... More » Education Colleges & Universities