Most states in the United States allow studded tires during the winter months but prohibit them outside of the designated time frame. The only states that explicitly prohibit studded tires for residents year round are Ha... More »

Some reasons for using studded snow tires are that they provide better traction on icy roads and can keep a vehicle from sliding during the winter. The tires have strong metal pieces that dig into ice, which can lead to ... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance Tires, Rims & Wheels

While different states vary in rules and regulations, the legal age at which most drivers are able to drive a car in the United States is 16 years old. Most states have driver license restrictions that are maintained unt... More »

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The best all-season Goodyear Tires do not include the Goodyear Viva 2 tires; the Assurance, the Ultra-grip and the Wrangler are ranked the best all-season, winter and all-terrain tires, states Goodyear. The best tires ar... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance Tires, Rims & Wheels

In California, a driver's license may be suspended if a driver accumulates four points over 12 months, six points over 24 months, or eight points over 36 months, according to Points for driving violations do not... More » Government & Politics Law Driving Laws

While parking laws vary from city to city, most state that drivers must park within 12 inches of the curb with both tires parallel to the curb when parking on the street. Failure to do so often results in a citation, esp... More »

If you get caught speeding in a construction zone, in most states, the fine is double the fine for the speeding offense had it not occurred in a construction zone. In some states, a predetermined dollar amount is applied... More »