Some online stores that sell LP record storage boxes include The Container Store, Musician's Friend and Sleeve City. Ikea also offers Prant boxes with covers, which are ideal for storing LP vinyl records. More » Technology Audio Equipment

Consult the recycling department in the applicable city to find out if freezer boxes are recyclable in a given area. Some American cities do not accept freezer boxes for recycling as of 2015. Reusable plastic freezer box... More »

Using storage boxes with shelving involves measuring the shelves for the size of boxes needed and selecting a style. Storage boxes can be decorative, or they can be labeled according to use. More » Home & Garden Furniture Cabinets & Storage

The Container Store, Staples and Really Useful Boxes sell extra large storage cardboard and plastic boxes that hold up to 31 gallons. also sells large boxes, including some suitable for outdoor use to store... More » Home & Garden Furniture Cabinets & Storage

Retailers selling LP storage boxes include, Bags Unlimited and Sleeve City. These retailers offer a variety of record storage solutions. Popular LP storage boxes on include 12- and 7-inch models. Ea... More » Home & Garden Furniture Cabinets & Storage

To build a storage rack for LP albums, stack several storage crates or boxes on top of each other or line bins up side by side. If crates or bins are not available, it is fairly easy to make them from scratch. More »

As of 2015, Recollections storage boxes are sold at as well as Michaels craft stores. features a memory storage box by Recollections that has 10 dividers and holds over 1,000 6-inch by 4-inch photos... More » Hobbies & Games Crafting