There are several methods for preventing cats from using a garden as a litter box, including using chicken wire over the soil, applying commercial cat repellent, installing sprinklers and putting mothballs in vented jars... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes

Plastic forks stuck in the ground upside down, Popsicle sticks, wooden chopsticks and hot peppers discourage cats from entering a garden. French marigolds, rue plants, citrus, ammonia, citronella oil and dish washing liq... More »

One effective way to keep cats away from growing plants is to cover soil patches with twigs or pine cones, as cats do not like walking on spiked surfaces. Alternatively, chickenwire can be laid around growing plants and ... More »

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Some tips for growing a successful garden includes choosing a garden spot with adequate sunlight, filling the garden with rich soil, following crop rotation practices and knowing when to plant the seeds. It is also impor... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes

Some tips for planting vegetables include placing the garden in a sunny location, starting the seedlings early inside, adding compost to the soil a few week in advance of planting, and applying a layer of mulch around th... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes

Some tips for using chicken manure in a vegetable garden are not to place fresh manure directly on or around plants and to wear gloves when handling raw manure. If working with fresh manure is not ideal, it can be purcha... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes

To keep cats out of a garden, lay down chicken wire in a planting bed above the soil before planting crops or flowers. Cats do not enjoy walking on chicken wire and are unlikely to attempt it a second time. More » Pets & Animals Pets Cats