High-dividend stocks are ones that pay the highest dividends to investors. A dividend is a return on the investment of a stock; when companies make a profit, that profit is returned to shareholders in the form of dividen... More »

American Midstream Partners LP and Atlas Energy are two high-paying dividend utility stocks, according to American Midstream Partners pays a 12.22 percent dividend yield, while Atlas Energy pays a 47.49 pe... More »

Lists of high-dividend stocks are available at websites, such as TheStreet, Nasdaq and All these websites offer lists of high-dividend stocks sorted by yield. More »

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A high-dividend ETF is an exchange-traded fund that seeks to produce a high dividend yield for investors by investing in stocks that consistently pay high dividends. A high-dividend ETF usually contains stocks that have ... More »

Dividend stock funds invest in stocks that pay dividends to shareholders. These types of funds come in two types: dividend index funds and actively managed dividend funds. More »

To buy a top 10 dividend stock, research the most recent dividend yields for associated stocks, and then purchase these stocks through a brokerage account, notes Nasdaq and James Highland for the Houston Chronicle. Divid... More »

Most investment advisers and financial information websites maintain lists of stocks that pay the highest dividends, including MarketWatch, TheStreet, and Value Stock Guide. These resources track dividend pa... More »