You can use a stock portfolio manager to develop an appropriate investment plan and to learn about available investment tools, according to J.P. Morgan Securities. A stock portfolio manager also helps you to manage inves... More » Business & Finance Investing

To get started in stock trading, determine how much decision-making control you wish to have and how much you wish to invest, select a broker, fund the account, and initiate a trade, notes the Houston Chronicle. Investor... More » Business & Finance Investing

To use the My Stocks Portfolio application, download the latest version of the application from the app store and set up the password-protected account to track and monitor specific user's portfolios. A free version is a... More » Technology Mobile
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Sell your shares online by opening an account with an online stock trading service, providing the information for your stock portfolio and visiting its page for placing trades. Designate the stock symbol, amount of share... More » Business & Finance Investing

To succeed as an individual stock investor, it is critical to create a diversified portfolio and choose stocks with returns that beat inflation, according to Mitch Tuchman for Forbes. Morningstar notes that it is importa... More » Business & Finance Investing

The Dough Roller and Investment Moats websites offer free downloads of stock portfolio spreadsheets, as of 2016. The spreadsheet is saved in Google Docs, and users can make a copy from which to work, notes The Dough Roll... More » Business & Finance Investing

To detect and adjust for stock splits, visit the official NASDAQ website and interpret the impact on a portfolio. Stock splits reduce the market share price of the associated security, according to the Houston Chronicle. More » Business & Finance Investing