Stock photography is a collection of photos available for use with projects the original photographers did not intend or know about. They are typically generic images depicting landscapes, cultural icons and people doing... More » Hobbies & Games Photography

Some popular stock photo agencies include, Fotolia Mood Board and Pacific Stock. offers one of the largest selections of stock photos online, while Fotolia lets professional photographers sell their... More » Hobbies & Games Photography

CanStockPhotos and the Shutterstock stock photography website both have large archives of wildlife images on offer, including a broad selection of zebras, ranging from traditional illustration to high-quality photography... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Zebras

Royalty-free stock photography is a collection of images available for use without incurring fees each time the image is used. Royalty-free does not mean the stock photography is free of cost; the user still has to pay a... More » Hobbies & Games Photography

Stock photography is one of the most common ways to sell your photos. There are a number of stock photo companies, such as Alamy, 123rf and Dreamstime. More »

Some projects using photos of flowers include A to Z flowers, a single color or flower collage, frozen flowers, monochrome photography, and macro photography. Many of these projects allow photographers to stretch their c... More » Hobbies & Games Photography

Contact local photographers or photography businesses to get modeling photos taken for a child. Modeling agencies may also have an on-site photographer available to take portfolio photos or can offer a referral to a repu... More » Hobbies & Games Photography