Dividend pay dates are the dates on which stock dividends are scheduled to pay out. Each dividend date has an accompanying ex-dividend date. Stocks purchased on or before the ex-dividend date are paid on the next schedul... More »

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The four dividend dates are important for the process of recording the distribution of the dividend to shareholders. These dates include the declaration date, date of record, ex-dividend date and payment date. More »

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The ex-dividend date represents the first day following a dividend declaration, which is when a stock purchaser is no longer eligible to receive the next dividend payment, notes Charles Schwab. This date is usually desig... More »

Visit the Nasdaq website and take notice of all of the relevant dividend dates, as these dictate the entitlement of a dividend for an associated stock owner, notes both the Nasdaq and Dividend websites. Some of the impor... More »

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Federal employees paid through the Defense Finance and Accounting Service are paid bi-monthly, with pay dates around the 15th and the 30th. U.S. employees paid through the General Services Administration receive a payche... More »

A dividend growth rate calculator computes the annual or total percent return of the regularly paid dividends of a stock. A free dividend growth rate calculator is available at Buy Upside. More »

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The Southern Company has issued annual dividends ranging from $0.65 to $2.08 per unit of common stock between 1972 and 2014. The company has progressively increased the dividends paid out to shareholders throughout this ... More »

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