A stingray is not a shark, but the two are closely related. They belong to the same group of fishes called elasmobranchs, members of the group Elasmobranchii, a subclass of Chondrichthyes, which also includes skates. More »

Stingrays are carnivores that feed on prey such as mollusks, carrion, crustaceans and fish. They are typically found cruising the ocean floor in search of prey. Their mouths, located on the undersides of their bodies, al... More »

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Stingrays fertilize internally via sexual intercourse. During mating, the male stingray bites the female’s disc, which enables him to insert his clasper, or modified pelvic fin, into the female’s cloaca. The clasper then... More »

Sharks do not have a specific name for the different sexes. Baby sharks are called pups More »

Newborn shark sizes vary by shark species; for example, a newborn great white is typically about 4 feet long, while blacktip reef shark newborns are considerably smaller, usually more than 20 inches in length. Whale shar... More »

Reaching a maximum length of about 6 feet, the frilled shark is an eel-like species that is poorly known to science. The sharks derive their name from gills that feature “frilly” extensions. A primitive species, frilled ... More »

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The Colombian shark, known also by its scientific name as Arius jordani, bears an elongated body that is silvery in color with a white or lighter-colored underside. In captivity, the catfish species reaches 10 to 20 inch... More »