The Economic Stimulus Payment checks were mailed in 2008, based on information filed on 2007 income tax returns. Eligible taxpayers who didn't receive a stimulus check, or who qualified for a larger amount, claimed a rec... More » Business & Finance Taxes

Obama's stimulus check was a tax benefit paid in 2009; no taxpayers were eligible for this payment after that time. At the time it was paid, only Social Security recipients and veterans were eligible for this payment. More »

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Federal income tax returns are usually due on April 15 each year. It may be extended to the next business day if April 15 is a weekend. Payment of any balance owed to the IRS is also due at this time unless a payment arr... More » Business & Finance Taxes

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An IRS 1040 Form applies to taxpayers who are filing their annual income tax returns, explains TurboTax. There are three different versions of form 1040: 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ, according to the Internal Revenue Service. More » Business & Finance Taxes