The Economic Stimulus Payment checks were mailed in 2008, based on information filed on 2007 income tax returns. Eligible taxpayers who didn't receive a stimulus check, or who qualified for a larger amount, claimed a rec... More » Business & Finance Taxes

Obama's stimulus check was a tax benefit paid in 2009; no taxpayers were eligible for this payment after that time. At the time it was paid, only Social Security recipients and veterans were eligible for this payment. More »

According to the IRS, people who did not file on time can still apply for a stimulus check but only if they meet eligibility requirements. The request for a stimulus package must include the past date the person wants to... More » Business & Finance Taxes Income Tax

Alternative energy usages that are eligible for income tax credits on 2014 returns include biomass stoves, solar energy and geothermal heating. Residential wind turbines and fuel cell systems also qualify, according to E... More » Business & Finance Taxes

To download the Georgia Form 500 for individual income tax returns, visit the Department of Revenue page at The file is in the Adobe portable document format, referred to as PDF, and you must have compatible... More » Business & Finance Taxes

Oklahoma residents can get free assistance in preparing income tax returns at numerous locations throughout the state, reports the Oklahoma Tax Commission. Tax preparation assistance is provided by trained volunteers wor... More » Business & Finance Taxes

Completed and accurate electronic income tax returns are processed by the IRS within 21 days. Paper returns take longer to process, typically six to eight weeks from the date received. More » Business & Finance Taxes