Steve Perry left Journey in 1998 because of creative burnout and health issues. Perry was unable to tour because of hip problems, leading his bandmates to issue an ultimatum that he either undergo surgery or leave the ba... More » Art & Literature

Rumors of Steve Perry’s death began circulating when the band Journey replaced him in 1998 and resurfaced with the announcement of the death of the similarly named singer, Steven Paul Perry, from cancer in 2013. Perry di... More » Art & Literature

Steve Perry, a renowned vocalist, has one daughter and her name is Aashamela Kay. She is commonly referred to using the short form, "Shamela," or her nickname, "Sham." More » Art & Literature
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Songs that Steve Perry did with Journey include "Wheel in the Sky," "Anyway You Want It" and "Don't Stop Believin'." He joined the band in 1977 and stayed until the group broke up in 1987. When the group got back togethe... More » Art & Literature

As of 2015, Steve Perry has publicly confirmed two previous relationships with Sherrie Swafford and Kellie Nash. Perry’s relationship with Swafford began in the 1980s, during his time with the band Journey. Due to Journe... More » Art & Literature

Steve Perry is not dead, as of Dec. 17, 2015. Perry was previously the lead singer of Journey, and he continues to produce music as an individual artist. More » Art & Literature

As of 2015, Steve Perry is not married. He had a long-term relationship with girlfriend Sherrie Swafford, about whom he wrote a number of songs including "Oh Sherrie," but they never married. More » Art & Literature