The process of growing rice starts with preparing the seeds, planting the seeds, flooding the fields and thinning the seedlings as they grow. During the process, the seedlings require mulching so that the soil retains mo... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes

The best climate for growing rice is one that is warm and moist according to the United Nations University. Although rice requires a lot of water, rice does not grow well in very lush wet climates or waterlogged areas. T... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture

Rice plants should be exposed to direct sunlight for at least six hours every day. Before planting, gardeners need to keep rice seeds in water for 24 hours. When growing rice plants outside, it is better to plant them fi... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes
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Rice is grown in fields and seeds are sown either by air or by hand, and then the fields are flooded with water during the growing process and then drained when the rice is ready to harvest. Irrigation of rice fields is ... More » Food Food Facts

Grow kale by starting it early in the spring, choosing an appropriate location, preparing the soil with fertilizer, thinning the seedlings, watering the plants regularly and mulching them. You need kale seeds, fertilizer... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes

Sedum 'Dragon's Blood" can be grown from seedlings, cuttings and divisions. However, planting cuttings and divisions require a parent plant, so focus first on establishing the sedum by sowing seeds indoors in small pots.... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes

Grow your own truffles by purchasing truffle seedlings or buying hazelnut tree seedlings that already contain the fungus in their roots. Truffles need hazelnut or oak trees to thrive; they absorb nutrients from the tree'... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes