The difference between a stepbrother and a half-brother is whether he is related only through marriage or whether he is a blood relative. Half-brothers share one biological parent, while stepbrothers do not. More »

Duane Lee Chapman Jr. married Teresa R. Roybal on December 1, 1999; however, they divorced in 2008, and he has not remarried as of 2015, as states IMDb. During the marriage, the couple had two children: a daughter, Jodi,... More »

"Mississippi Tears" is a book of poetry and essays written by Quincy Ruffin. Published in 1999, the collection tells of the humble beginnings of Motown singer David Ruffin, who grew up in rural Mississippi. David Ruffin ... More »

Family refers to two or more people interrelated through blood, marriage, fostering or adoption. Normally, a family is perceived to live together in the same household, albeit for varying durations. On the other hand, ki... More »

A "great uncle" refers to any brother of either grandparent. This is also the same as being the uncle of one's father or mother. More »

Your grandfather's brother is your great-uncle. In some countries, he may also be called a granduncle. More »

A niece is the female child of a person's brother or sister. A niece can also be the female child of the brother or sister of a person's spouse. More »