A step-down transformer is an electrical device whose primary voltage is greater than its secondary voltage. Transformers transfer energy between circuits using electromagnetic induction. Using varying magnetic fields, t... More » Technology Audio Equipment

Never use a surge protector when wiring a step-down transformer converting 220-volt electric current to 110-volt electric current. Alternately, use a step-down transformer that has electrically isolated windings kept ent... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Electrical

A power transformer is a device that consists of a coil wrapped around an electromagnet that transfers electricity from one circuit to another without changing the frequency of the electric energy. Although the frequency... More » Science Physics Electricity
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Communication hardware is a term that refers to the physical pieces of equipment used to transfer information from one computing device to another. Modems and routers are examples of communication hardware. There are a n... More » Technology Audio Equipment

A radio frequency modulator is a device that allows consumers to connect external devices to radios and televisions, adding an audio or video signal to a carrier wave, transmitting the audio, or displaying the picture in... More » Technology Audio Equipment

Some interesting uses of radio scanners include things such as listening to satellites orbiting the Earth and dismantling the scanner to use its transmitter module as an impromptu remote audio capture device. AngelFire.c... More » Technology Audio Equipment

There are several ways to troubleshoot computer speakers, including checking basic audio connections and settings, testing the speakers with another device and using an audio diagnostic tool. If the computer speakers are... More » Technology Audio Equipment