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At CFS Forge, we are able to perform below types of hardness testing: Brinell and Rockwell Hardness Testing. Brinell Hardness Testing. The Brinell hardness test is measured by forcing a hardened steel or carbide sphere into a steel forging part under a specified load. The indentation that is created in the metal is measured for its diameter.


International Standards Organization – Rockwell Hardness Test Part 1 – Test Method (ISO 6508-1 Metallic Materials) The reason all steel product manufacturers use the Rockwell hardness scale is that it allows uniformity in reporting test results.


Rockwell Testing Machine. This is probably the most common way of professionally and accurately checking the hardness of metals. A rounded steel ball or conical diamond tip is pushed into the metal, and the depth of the indent is measured by the machine.


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Portable Hardness Tester – Rockwell Phase II Portable Hardness Tester PHT-1700 Phase II Portable Hardness Tester PHT-1800 Phase II Portable Hardness Tester PHT-1900 Portable Hardness Tester Phase II - PHT-3500 Mitutoyo Hardmatic Portable Hardness Tester Portable Hardness Tester – Brinell King Brinell Portable Hardness


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Common hardness testing methods are introduced below. Rockwell Hardness. This method tests the hardness of steel parts by applying loads to parts via either a tungsten carbide ball or a spheroconical diamond indenter. A part’s testing surface and seating surface must be properly prepared prior to testing.


TableofContents ListofFigures ix ListofTables xii 1.Introduction 1 2.RockwellHardnessTest 2 2.1Significanceofthetest 2 2.2Rockwellindentationtestprinciple 2 2 ...


Rockwell Hardness Testers. Ames offers a range of portable metal hardness testers for quick and easy on-site hardness testing in the Rockwell scales. Our testers fit most testing situations and comply with ASTM E-110 standard. Our Rockwell testers are built with the highest quality standards of craftsmanship. – Low Cost, Lightweight, Reliable


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