The statute of limitations for a felony in California varies by sentencing guidelines. states that if a defendant is facing eight or more years of prison time, there is a six-year statute of limitations. If... More » Government & Politics Crime

The statute of limitations for most federal crimes is five years, according to the United States Department of Justice. The limit for certain crimes varies, usually depending on the severity of the crime. More » Government & Politics Crime

In California, there is no statute of limitations for collecting child support. This means that uncollected child support is always enforceable until fully paid. More » Government & Politics Law Child Support & Custody
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The sentence for receiving stolen goods in the state of Ohio varies depending on if the crime is a misdemeanor or a felony. For example, a felony conviction for receiving stolen property in the third degree can carry a p... More » Government & Politics Crime

A felony 5 charge varies from state to state, and in Arizona and Ohio it is referred to as a Class 5, or 5th degree felony. Examples of offenses that are classified as Class 5 are: incest, assault on a police officer, dr... More » Government & Politics Crime

California has strict liability statutes against dog owners in the case of a dog bite. The dog owner is fully liable for injuries sustained to another person if his dog bites them, whether the victim was on public or pri... More » Government & Politics Crime

As of 2015, interested parties can access a list of California penal codes on the state's official legislative information website, at The website also provides information on the California C... More » Government & Politics Crime