Under federal law, the statute of limitations for bank robbery is five years. After this time has passed, those involved in such crimes cannot be tried at the federal level, though additional state laws may result in cha... More » Government & Politics Crime

A statute of limitations is a law that sets a deadline charging someone with committing a crime for filing suit after an injury has been suffered.The statute of limitations deadlines vary depending on the jurisdiction an... More » Government & Politics Law

The statute of limitations for a felony in California varies by sentencing guidelines. states that if a defendant is facing eight or more years of prison time, there is a six-year statute of limitations. If... More » Government & Politics Crime
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According to U.S. federal law the statute of limitations for credit card fraud is five years. After this time period it is impossible for the government to prosecute a credit card fraud offense. More » Government & Politics Crime

Many types of federal fraud cases carry a statute of limitations of five years, but some specific instances differ. According to the Pillsbury law firm, 28 U.S.C. Section 2462 limits the time within which an “action, sui... More » Government & Politics Crime

Petty theft, robbery, embezzlement, knowing reception of stolen property, identity theft, burglary and intellectual property theft are seven common types of theft. Theft comprises any unlawful taking of another person’s ... More » Government & Politics Crime

O.J. Simpson went to prison after being convicted of an armed robbery that occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada in September of 2007. He was originally convicted on several charges stemming from the robbery and sentenced to 33 ... More » Government & Politics Crime