The Texas state legislature meets once every two years on odd-numbered years. The legislature begins their sessions at noon on the second Tuesday of the month of January. More »

To find accurate and reliable information on bills recently passed by the Texas Legislature, you can conduct searches through the Texas Legislature Online, the Legislative Reference Library of Texas, and the Office of th... More » Government & Politics Law

The Texas Legislature authorized the foundation of the precursor to Texas State University in 1899. That university, Southwest Texas State Normal School, officially opened in 1903. More » Education Colleges & Universities
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The U.S. legislative branch, also known as the legislature or Congress, meets in the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. The legislative branch comprises the Senate and the House of Representatives. More »

The primary purpose for a bicameral legislature is to dilute the effects of the popular will in decision making for a state or country by creating more hurdles for legislation to clear before becoming law and/or by creat... More »

The terms unicameralism and bicameralism refer to the organization of a legislature in a country. The legislature may have a single chamber, which means it is unicameral, or two chambers, which makes it bicameral. More »

Nebraska is the only state in the country to have a unicameral legislature, which means that the legislative body is made up of only one house. Nebraska voters chose this option in 1934, and it took effect in 1937. All o... More »