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State Select water heaters are a line of water heaters produced by State Industries. These water heaters are designed for residential use and include several models in different sizes.


State water heater parts are available at Sears PartsDirect and WaterHeaterParts.com. Before beginning the ordering process, an owner should note the model number of his water heater. Some models require specific parts to function correctly.


A fast water heater, sometimes called a tankless water heater, heats water on demand as it flows through the unit instead of maintaining a reservoir of water at temperature. These heaters can be more efficient than conventional water heaters, but can be expensive and may provide inconsistent tempera


As of 2015, the top three water heaters are the Whirlpool N40S61-403, the Rheem Fury 22V40F1 and the Ecosmart ECO 27, according to consumersearch.com. The Whirlpool and Rheem models both have a 40-gallon capacity.


The price of water heaters vary depending on the type of water heater, capacity and fuel source. The two basic types include storage tank or tankless, and a gas storage tank water heater costs between $230 and $2,000. An electric storage tank costs between $400 and $3,000 for complete installation.


State water heaters are available from authorized dealer or independent plumber, and consumers can search for one in their area by visiting the official State website at StateWaterHeaters.com. Consumers can search by entering their ZIP code.


Water heaters work by using either gas or electricity to heat a tank full of water that is then distributed to taps throughout the house. A thermostat on the outside of the water heater allows the user to adjust the temperature of the water in the heater.


State hot water heaters are made by State Water Heaters, a brand of State Industries, Inc. Located in Ashland City, Tennessee, the company has been in business since 1946.


There are two major types of water heater, those with a tank and those without a tank. Storage-tank heaters may be powered by gas, electric or solar energy, while tankless models use gas or electric. In addition, water heaters may be tied into a heat-pump heating and cooling system.


As of March 2015, Sunheat, Cadet and some EdenPURE heaters are made in the United States. SolarFlare heaters were once American-made, but they are no longer available.