Policies on senior discounts for state parks vary by state, but in most states, a discount pass is available to those age 62 or older. Usually these passes can be purchased by mail or through the state's Parks and Recrea... More » Health Older Adults

A Senior Pass that grants access to all U.S. national parks and federal recreational lands costs $10 if it is purchased at a federal recreational site. An additional processing fee of $10 is added if the pass is purchase... More » Business & Finance Taxes

As of April 2015, the National Park Senior Pass costs $10. A lifetime pass for people 62 years or older, the Senior Pass allows entry to more than 2,000 sites managed by five federal agencies, such as the National Parks ... More » Geography
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The official website of the Colorado Parks & Wildlife has a dropdown list of state parks in the state. also provides a list of state parks, wildlife areas, forests and national parks in Colorado. More » Geography

Colorado Parks and Wildlife manages more than 40 state parks, all of the wildlife in the state, more than 300 wildlife areas and many recreational programs. The organization is a national leader in outdoor recreation, co... More » Government & Politics US Government

As of 2015, the U.S. National Park Service no longer accepts Golden Eagle Passports and National Parks Passes; it sells annual passes instead. While it accepts Golden Age and Golden Access Passports, it no longer sells t... More » Health Older Adults

Some states offer taxi assistance programs for senior citizens who are residents of the state and have a qualifying income. Taxi assistance programs sometimes also provide discounted fares for passengers of any age who h... More » Health Older Adults