A moving traffic violation is any violation of driving laws that occurs while a vehicle is in motion, according to USLegal. Moving violations vary considerably by jurisdiction. Common moving violations include drunk driv... More »

A seat belt ticket is not a moving violation in most states; however, child safety restraint laws are closely related to seat belt laws, reports New York is an example of a state in which a seat belt tic... More »

Traffic codes cover countless traffic violations, because state and local lawmakers may enact similar, yet exclusive, laws in their jurisdictions. Some common moving violations include driving under the influence, speedi... More »

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Contest a traffic violation by examining the exact wording of the law specified in the ticket and then comparing all the elements of that statute with the actual circumstances under which the ticket was written, says Nol... More »

Car abandonment laws vary depending on local statutes, according to USLegal. A car might be considered abandoned if, for more than 48 hours, it remains on private property without consent, is illegally parked in a public... More »

A driver cannot get a price lowered for a traffic violation once it is issued, but there are steps that can be taken to reduce violation prices before they occur. There are extenuating factors, which vary by state, that ... More »

A traffic violation could turn into a criminal offense of either a misdemeanor or felony if the circumstances surrounding the violation meet the state law for an upgraded charge, notes Generally, an upgrade ... More »