The first step to starting a home business is to identify a niche. Next, come up with a business plan, purchase insurance and register your business. Finally, advertise your business. More »

Starting your home care business involves proposal writing, determining company structure, conducting market research and devising business marketing strategies. Making a good marketing plan leads to the success of your ... More »

To get money to start a business, look at sources that include your savings, banks, credit unions, and friends and family. You should have a polished business plan in place before you approach any parties. More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending
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The first step to starting an Internet business is to identify a niche. Next, write an attractive advertising copy, and design a website. Drive traffic to your site, and establish a reputation among your clients. More »

The first step in starting a food business is to select a niche, such as sauces or baked goods. Recipes need to be tailored for commercial use, and the food products must be packaged, priced and marketed for sale. Food m... More »

Start your own freight brokerage business by selecting a well-defined market niche, finding carriers who offer services that are appropriate to that niche, gathering the startup costs, establishing a line of credit with ... More »

There is not one specific way to find investors for business ventures, but most young businesses focus on venture capital or angel investors and find them by looking for industry mentors, looking at lists of investors ... More »