Condo association insurance is an insurance policy carried by the condominium association that insures against accidents and injuries that occur on the condominium complex's common grounds. Damage to the exterior of the ... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Condo association fees are dues that go towards the repair and maintenance of the building’s common living areas, such as pools, hallways, elevators and lobbies. The fees also cover the costs of landscaping, roofing, sid... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Condominium association bylaws typically cover areas, such as who may be an officer of the association, how long those officers serve, how the officers are elected, when and where meetings take place, how meetings should... More » Business & Finance Real Estate
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A condo master insurance policy is a type of homeowners loss and liability insurance policy that covers various elements of a condo unit and condo community, such as building exteriors, lawns, building framing, walkways ... More » Business & Finance Insurance

HO6 insurance is condo insurance that provides liability coverage for the owner's belongings and the actual unit itself. Regular condo insurance does not cover these things. More » Business & Finance Insurance

Alpha Insurance Company writes and services all types of insurance, such as life, individual and family health, group health, auto, and homeowners, condo owners and renters. The company also handles business owners and g... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Get quotes for auto, home, renters, condo and term life insurance through the company's website or through a Farmers Insurance agent, as of 2015, notes Farmers Insurance. To get quotes for motorcycle or recreational vehi... More » Business & Finance Insurance