Condo association insurance is an insurance policy carried by the condominium association that insures against accidents and injuries that occur on the condominium complex's common grounds. Damage to the exterior of the ... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Condo association fees are dues that go towards the repair and maintenance of the building’s common living areas, such as pools, hallways, elevators and lobbies. The fees also cover the costs of landscaping, roofing, sid... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Good condo association websites include the Community Association Institutes' website,, and The Community Association Institutes' website offers resources that assist condo associ... More » Business & Finance Real Estate
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Private mortgage insurance is a policy purchased by home buyers in order to protect lenders in the event that the buyer defaults on the mortgage loan. Lenders typically require PMI whenever the down payment on the home i... More » Business & Finance Insurance