A star tattoo is a symbol of hope and truth. The star also symbolizes the divine light that shines in all human beings. A tattoo on the foot is popular among women and is particularly attractive when worn with high-heele... More »

Britney Spears has a number of tattoos, including a fairy, a Chinese symbol, pink dice, lips, a star, a cross, a daisy and a vine. She often gets tattoos as a response to a life-changing event. More »

Hilary Duff has multiple tattoos. According to the Daily Mail, she got her sixth tattoo in 2012. She got this tattoo not long after having a child. More »

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A star tattoo generally represents hope, truth or the struggle of pushing on through hard times. Since a star shines bright in the darkness, it is representative of light being shed on the truth in life. More »

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Star tattoos can be symbolic of hope and truth as they are often seen as lights shining in the darkness. Star tattoos can often have religious connotations because of their association with various religions. More »

A music tattoo can symbolize love of music, passion, hope and energy. Music is loved and appreciated by most people and inspires many emotions, making it a popular tattoo design for both men and women. More »

Japanese snake tattoos are a symbol of wisdom and good luck. The body art can also convey strength and change. Some people get the tattoo to symbolize protection from bad fortune or sickness. More »