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To find a Staples store, go to Staples.com and click on store locator. Enter a ZIP code and proximity by miles to find the nearest Staples store. The results are listed with the nearest store at the top of the list.


Find phone numbers for Staples stores on the Staples website — Staples.com. It has a store locator feature that allows you to look up store addresses and telephone numbers depending upon the street address, city, ZIP code or store number.


Staples offers 3D printing services online and at participating locations. Customers can drop off their design files at a participating Staples location or upload their files for printing.


Modern staples are made of steel wire that is plated with zinc, glued together and then bent to form the legs of the staple. Staples come in smaller sizes for paper applications. Larger sizes, for upholstery or construction work, are also produced, often galvanized to r...


Advertisements for Canadian Staples stores are available on Staples' Canadian site. Sales vary by location; shoppers access the closest store's ad by setting a preferred store on the site or entering a postal code on the weekly flyer page.


Staples offers in-store pickup for select products listed on the company's website. Customers can use the Pick Up Today button on a product page and either enter their ZIP code or log in to their account to determine whether a product is available for pickup at a nearby...


According to Staples.ca, Staples Canada Inc. is a supply retail chain. Specifically, it is the Canadian subsidiary of the U.S.-based office supply company Staples Inc. The Canadian headquarters are situated in Richmond Hill, Ontario.