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Most common TVs have screen sizes between 32 and 84 inches. Screen size refers to the diagonal measurement from opposite corners. Modern flat screen high-definition televisions are much larger than earlier cathode ray tube televisions, which typically had screen sizes of less than 36 inches.


Room size and budget typically are the primary factors when deciding what size television to purchase. There are many competitive brands, but your personal restrictions are what ultimately make the decision. Newer technologies such as LED screens are usually more expensive than TVs using plasma or L


Windows are manufactured and sold in a variety of sizes. A few measurements for windows available on the market are: 33.75 inches by 53.75 inches, 27.75 inches by 45.75 inches, and 31.75 inches by 49.75 inches. They also come in a variety of shapes and styles.


To measure a TV, place a tape measure or yardstick diagonally across the screen and measure from corner to corner. Measure only the screen, not the TV's case, unless trying to find dimensions to meet overall space requirements.


Standard bed sizes include twin, queen, full, king and California king. The smallest bed and mattress size is the twin mattress, which is also available in a twin extra long size, which is the same width as a standard twin but slightly longer.


There is no single measurement that is used for all house windows, since it depends on a number of factors. The style of home changes the appropriate window size dramatically. However, common window heights are between 17 3/4 inches and 59 inches.


The standard business-card size in the United States is 3.5 by 2 inches as of 2014. Horizontal orientation is the most common, although cards can also have vertical orientation.


Standard refrigerators vary widely in size. Generally, standard refrigerators range from 14 to 28 cubic feet, with most falling in the 18 to 23 cubic foot range. Standard apartment sized refrigerators can be as small as 10 cubic feet.


The international paper size standard is defined by the ISO 216 Standard. There are three series of sizes, which are A, B and C. Within each series are eight sizes denoted by a letter number combination such as A1, B3, C8.


Standard head sizes are measured with a measuring tape. A measuring tape is the only material that is needed to do this. Start out by placing the measuring tape around the head.